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The Majestic Statue Garden is a football field-sized, labyrinthine statue garden that features immense concrete sculptures created by the late artist, Yon Sim Pak.  The Garden’s master plan was designed by Nathan D. Myers.  It features unusual architecture, water features, landscaping, scripture panels, faux features including a reproduction of Israel’s Garden Tomb,  Eastern Gate, a Romanesque Colosseum, and even Noah’s Ark!  Visitors walk from Genesis 1:1  to the Ascension of Jesus Christ with messianic prophecy and the words of Jesus marking the path in unique cedar and faux-stone panels.  Nathan oversaw the design and installation of every feature within the garden from groundbreaking, exhibit construction, and even the sprinkler systems! The Garden is a georgeous, and still little-known park gaining steady exposure.
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The Majestic Statue Garden at Capernaum,  First Century VIllage
The Majestic Statue Garden contains over 65 specific passages of scripture that take the visitor on a journey through the prophecies of the Messiah in the Old Testament and through many direct  “I Am” quotations of Jesus Christ.  Almost half of the panels were produced in foam, hardened, textured and then painted.  The majority of the others were routed in cedar panels. 

Noah’s Ark is two stories tall and contains functional stalls that house live animals during walk-through events at the park or during film shoots.  

Probably the largest undertaking next to the ark, The empty tomb was meticulously constructed from framed lumber and concrete -- it even has a rolling door demonstrated below before it got its final aesthetic treatment.  Click here for more about the design process.  


  Other Features:
  Eden, The Wilderness, The Promised Land overlook, Solomon’s Colonnade, The Annunciation,  I am the vine arbor, Bread of Life well, Gate of the sheep pen, Way, truth and life bridge, the colisseum, the house of doors, the eastern gate, golgatha, the ampitheater, la pieta, mary on the way to the tomb, the empty tomb, the resurrection and the ascension.  

There is so much built into The Majestic Statute Garden, it truly MUST be seen to be appreciated.  

From Weatherford Texas, Take hwy 51 N. to Hwy 920 West.  Drive about 7.9 miles to Peaster, TX.  pass through the small town of Peaster.  Capernaum, First Century Village and The Majestic Statue Garden are 2.5 miles beyond Peaster on the Right side of The Highway.  Visit to inquire about a tour or upcoming event.  

I am forever grateful to Tammy Lane for the opportunity to dream and create.  I am also blessed beyond words to have had such an amazing crew to help me do it!